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LOV Radio
"The way radio used to be"

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If you remember the days of old, when our local radio stations were truly local, and offered more than just the same top hits over-and-over, then you've come to the right place.

Lookout Valley now has a streaming internet radio station that offers so many of the aspects and programming from days gone by- from local sports broadcasts, local news, community bulletin boards, trading post segments, birthday announcements, obituaries, locally hosted programs, and more! And don't forget that all important element--the music.

While this broadcast is available all across the world, we are focused on reaching the local community, providing listeners with something they've been missing for years...


Keep checking in to be advised on further activities, and for more elements to be added here.
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Thanks for dropping by, and giving us a listen. If you have any thoughts on what content you might like to hear, or any other ideas, drop us a line below....thanks, and stay tuned!


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